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Little Rose Show Schedule

(Due to COVID, our meetings are only on Zoom so no Little Rose Show at the current time.)

We want to see your varieties of roses that you grow. We might want to grow them also after seeing your beautiful roses. Please share your roses with us. It just takes a few extra minutes to cut a rose and to bring it. We furnish bottles if you do not have any.

Hope to see you and your roses at the Little Rose Shows.

Our Little Rose Shows start with the April meeting. The following information explains what's involved with these shows. This material appears now so that you can prepare to be one of the big winners! There are six Little Rose Shows held during the year on our meeting nights in the months of April, May, June, September, October, and November. These monthly shows acquaint exhibitors with the roses and each other.

  1. All members can enter and are encouraged to bring roses! The more we have, the more interesting our shows are. Don't be afraid to enter the arrangement class. You don't have to be an expert to participate. Men are encouraged to participate in the arrangement classes; don't leave it all to the ladies!
  2. Two entries per class, per garden will be permitted. Junior members can enter in the Junior classes.
  3. Groom your entries: clean the foliage, disbud properly, etc. Ask one of the consulting rosarians if you have any questions about this.
  4. Please use entry tags and mark "Advanced" or "Novice" on the tags. If you don't have any tags, your chairperson will have them at each show. Please don't abbreviate the names of the roses. Check Modern Roses 11, or the ARS Handbook for Selecting Roses for help with the names.
  5. Please come as soon after 7:00 PM as you can, and have your entries in place by the time the meeting starts at 7:30 PM. Each class will be designated by a sign so you'll know where to place your roses.
  6. Bring your own unlabeled bottles for entries. Use transparent soda pop, tonic, or other bottles. For the miniature roses, use a small transparent bottle to complement the size of the miniature.
  7. Each month, we will have a different arrangement theme and rules for it. These will be explained in the Rose Leaf prior to each meeting.
  8. The point system is: 3 points for first place, 2 for second, and 1 for third in all 19 classes. Advanced and Novice entries compete separately in the first 6 classes.

The classes are:
  1. One Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora - one bloom per stem
  2. One Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora Spray
  3. One Floribunda (one bloom per stem)
  4. One Floribunda Spray
  5. One Arrangement - either large or miniature (following theme as specified)
  6. One Miniature (one bloom per stem)
  7. One Miniature Spray
  8. One Old Rose (one stem - one bloom or cluster)
  9. One Polyantha
  10. One Shrub (one stem - one bloom or cluster)
  11. One Fragrant Rose
  12. Climber (large-flowered climber)
  13. One Fully-open Rose (any type of rose)
  14. Miniature rose in a bowl (bowls provided)
  15. Rose in a bowl (bowls provided)
  16. 2 Special Classes of the Month
  17. Junior Section - cut specimen or arrangement
  18. For Display Only (unknown or other interesting rose)
  19. ARS Judges' Entries - Specimens and/or arrangements

Each month, an award is presented for the Best Rose of the Advanced Class, Best Rose of the Novice Class, Best Miniature, Best Junior, and Best Arrangement. The Best Rose of the Show will be selected between the Advanced and Novice winners and will receive a total of 5 points.

In December, the points are totaled and the following certificate awards are presented:
  1. Advanced Division (Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, Floribunda)
  2. Novice Division (Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, Floribunda)
  3. Miniature Division
  4. Arrangement Division
  5. Old Rose/Polyantha/Shrub/Special Class Division
  6. Junior Division
A Novice exhibitor would be one who has not won more than nine first place awards in the Novice class at the monthly rose shows. A Novice arranger would also be in this category. The Novice who accumulates the most points at the end of the year automatically moves up to the Advanced class even though nine first places have not been won. A Novice may enter Advanced competition at any time, but if he wins a first place, he cannot enter Novice competition again. The Novice class is for beginners (members who are learning to exhibit roses). The purpose of this class is to encourage new members to exhibit.

Little Rose Show Arrangement Classes: "Roses With..."

Roses must be the dominant flower in all artistic designs, except in April when there usually are not many roses. Flowers and other foliage will be permitted along with the roses. Accessories are also allowed. Using the same theme, entries can be made for both large and small arrangements. Volunteers are needed to help as clerks.

April: "Roses with an Awesome Accessory"

May: "Roses with a Magnificent Container"

June: "Roses with Jewels" (any kind of adornments or ornaments)

September: "Roses with Splendid Foliage"

October: "Roses with an Object (gadjet or something fun)

November: "Roses with Something Natural (not man-made)

Little Rose Show Special Horticultural Classes

Here are the special classes for the Little Rose Shows. There are two special classes each month.

* Best of the Day (1 stem, any rose or roses)
* Friends (2 roses in 1 container)

* Stages or Cycle of Bloom in 1 container (bud, how form, fully-open showing stamens)
* 2 sprays of roses in 1 container

* Floating Friends (2 or more roses in a bowl, any types or varieties, any sizes)
* High-Low (1 big rose with 1 miniature)

* Trailing Rose (1 stem exhibited in a water tube on black velveteen cloth (tube and cloth furnished by society) lying on table
* 3 minis in 1 container (1 bloom/stem or spray, same or different)

* 3 roses, any combination and sizes
* Family (3-5 rose stems of different sizes of roses in 1 container)

* Favorite Fall Rose, 1 stem
* Mini Best Friends (2 minis in 1 container) Test

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